Tuesday, October 17

White man tryin' to keep the brown girl down

Today, I acted like the old lady I'm becoming and actually called the LA County Registrar Recorder and asked where the hell my sample and absentee ballots were. The clerk confirmed that they had been sent a few days ago and may in fact even be waiting at home for me.

I asked him why my Republican mother gets her voting info about 2 weeks before my Dad and I, both Democrats, get ours. He said the info is sent at the same time. I commented that it must be the Postal Service. He sort of shrugged then asked what party my mom was. When I said "Republican" he said "Figures." He then said he was a Democrat as well. I wished him luck getting his ballot.

A friend, who also lives in my incredibly red town, said the same thing happens in her household. What's going on? I'm going to start keeping track of this stuff, like the old lady I am, and go to the Post Office with it in a couple of years. This could shape up to be my all time favorite letter writing campaign!

Have I mentioned that Im' a big letter writer? When things annoy me, I'm more than willing to write or email the culprit. I highly reccommend the practice. It's very satisfying and often results in free stuff. Give it a try some time. You'll like it.

In the mean time, remember to fight the power!


shandon said...

Are you calling yourself "brown"?

~ Lucy said...

Of course I am!