Friday, October 13

Bossy Boots strikes again

Today I toured the new building we're moving to in a few weeks. It's mostly cubicle space and many are still being assembled. It was very loud not only from men hammering away at cubicles but also from a dozen of us walking around pointing and asking many questions. At one point some guy from the crew shouted (with his back to us) "Fucking Bitch!". He had just rounded a corner down the hall and I have no idea who he was speaking to. I also have no idea what came over me when I shouted "HEY!". As if to say "Excuse me jerko, there are ladies present. Please refrain from exhibiting your potty mouth." He was startled and said "Sorry" before shuffling off.

My friends all laughed at me. I said "I know! As I were a lady or something. Who do I think I am?!" I think I'm just always set to "bossy" these days. On the bright side, I may have gotten a co-worker the big cubicle by being bossy so maybe it's not all bad. We'll see.

P.S. I still don't have my ballot. The conspiracy theory gets stronger every day.

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