Friday, October 6

The makings of a weekend (or "The Link Happy Blogger!")

I took a couple of days off to go to Disneyland and The Getty. I had a great time doing both but I wish someone had told me that this is break time for year round schools. Bum-mer!

At one point HVK and I became remarkably thirsty at Disneyland so we got a couple of frozen lemonades at a cart. We sat down in the shade to enjoy them and here is what happened:

HVK: Grasping throat, "Oh my God! Do you ever get that painful frozen throat thing?"
Lucy: "Umm, no?"
HVK: Immediately slapping her forehead, while still clasping her throat, "Ooooowwwww! Brain freeze!!!"
Lucy: After taking my first sip, grabbing jaw: "Lightning! Lightning! Oh, my teeth!!!"

What a sight we must have been. I told HVK it must have looked like we had been fighting an had just finished punching each other. Well, then the scary, wheezing, laughing began followed by the howling. I would like to formally apologize to any kids we may have frightened.

Here is how I will be recovering and spending the remainder of my long weekend (I promise I'll try not to scare any more children. Unless, of course, they are related to me.):

Trader Joe's - I won $25 "Shopping Spree" and it's time to spend it.
The Dodgers are still hangin' on and I plan to cheer them on as long as I can.
The Melting Pot - Yum!
My niece and nephew are coming over for a sleep over. I'll be hearing a lot of this and this.
Simply Sleep - To help recover from the sleep over.

My Tivo will be working extra hard this weekend and into next week recording the following from TCM:
Imitation of Life - Is this the one where the down and out housewife takes her maid's family pancake recipe and makes a mint selling them in her chain of restaurants while the maid remains her maid. I have to Tivo it to see for myself.
Humoresque - Joan Crawford as a "wealthy neurotic"? Sign me up!
The Women - One of my all time favorites. Not exactly a feminist rebel yell of a film but it's damn funny and it features Rosalind Russell at her best.
Double Indemnity - I've already seen this a few times this year but I'll be watching again.
The Day the Earth Stood Still - I've never seen this but I've been meaning to. Here is my big chance.
A Conversation with Gregory Peck - *sigh* So dreamy...
Complicated Women - Sounds cool!
Hush ... Hush, Sweet Charlotte - I love it when Bette plays LOCO!
Gaslight - For those who know me: If you haven't already seen this, please do so now so you'll understand my frequent references to it.
The Clock - Awww!

The evening of October 13th looks like a good time!

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