Wednesday, October 11

The Cane Mutiny

SO, today my Mom jetted off to her big high school reunion.

Something to note about my mom is the fact that she's had one knee replaced. The other probably needs to be replaced but she's not too excited about the lengthy recovery so she's been avoiding it. In the mean time, she's been using a cane when she's unsure of the distance she'll need to cover. Because she had a lay-over today, she took the cane.

I called her today when I knew she had reached her final destination. Here is a sampling of the conversation:

Me: How was your flight?
Mom: It was great! I walked up to check in and a lady saw my cane and checked me in without making me stand in line! She gave me a better seat, closer to the front of the plane, so I wouldn't have to walk as far. THEN, when I landed for the lay over, they had a cart waiting for me!
Me: Tell me, you didn't get on one of those carts with the spinning lights on top.
Mom: I sure did. That man picked me up at the gate are tore off like a bat outta hell. I had to hang on for dear life. He was driving so fast my hair was flying all over the place.
Me: Oh jeez...
Mom: The best was when he'd pull up behind people talking on their cell phones. He'd beep his horn and yell "Excuse Me! Out of the way!!" They were diving out of our way. I asked if he'd ever hit anyone and he said "Yup." (Laughs.) My hair was a mess!!
Me: I always wondered who the fools on those things were.
Mom: Well, they're old handicapped people like your mother!! I'm carrying this cane from now on!

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