Wednesday, November 28


I sometimes wish I could share full disclosure about my job here, but I can't. (Weirdos, ya know.) Today was one of those days. Today made me think "I wish everyone could experience this some time." I was in a conference about a movie, we were updated on new iterations and artwork and then brainstormed ideas. It's one thing to brainstorm with a bunch of executives but where I work, they throw in a few film creators, films you've most certainly enjoyed, to help with the process. I love it when animators are thrown into the mix. You just can't imagine the drawings on napkins that come out of these meetings. By the end of the day there are always dozens of drawings on product ideas and promotional events. Some end up happening while others remain big ideas that, due to some practicality, simply never get made. You should see the robotic sweatshirt concept I have tacked to my wall. Most of the drawings are jaw droppingly good. They're just sketches but they're drawn by the best animators in the world. I can't imagine being that talented. It must be great.

The only down side of these meetings is when you get seated next to an artist who loves to do caricatures. I work with one very talented but curmudgeonly artist who I flat out refuse to sit across from. If seated across from him he will certainly sketch you and you just don't want to know how he sees you. I'm serious. A caricature by him would make you cry, they're that upsetting. Luckily, I seem to be one of the few "suits" he can stand to sit by so I've thus far avoided being drawn by him. He tells me it would be an honor to be drawn by him but I insist it would be my horror. Like everything, I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

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