Friday, November 23

Shut in fever

Today I chose to be a shut-in. I had vague thoughts of going to Michael's, for some craft supplies, but the thought of the crowds kept me home. Well, that and a sore throat/post nasal drip situation that has left me a bit achy. It was nothing a little Sudafed Sinus formula couldn't handle.

Turns out I made the right choice. While Americans were out spending $20B I was home finishing this cross stitch project:

I'm so glad I did. My sister-in-law, who has shopped Black Friday with her mom for at least the past 15 years, called from Ontario Mills Mall. Ack!! She called from the chaos and I had to sit down. The horror was almost overwhelming. I could hear the crowds and hustle and bustle and it freaked me out. She was calling to tell me she couldn't find the Crop-a-Dile I'd asked her to pick up for me. (I can't find one anywhere!) We discussed a few gift options for my nephew and she asked what he'd written on the list we worked on together yesterday. I've never been so happy to be at home in my life.

Being a part time shut-in has many advantages. For one, I can act as protester by not participating in today's buy-fest. It also means lounging in sweats and socks. Best of all it means no makeup application. It can also mean about 6 hours of Law & Order (yes, I got sucked in). How is it that no matter how many reruns I see of L&O, I never seem to see the same episode twice. Amazing!

By being a shut-in today meant I was available to receive the emergency phone call asking that I please Tivo High School Musical 2. My niece is having a HSM2 themed b-day party right before it comes out on DVD. She wanted to "screen" it at the party but the evil geniuses at the Disney Channel have apparently stopped the 24-hour marathons of the movie so parents will be amped to run out and pick up the DVD right before Christmas. I promised I'd record it for her. Unfortunately, this means I'll miss my beloved Men in Trees and even Lisa Williams: Life among the Dead. Oh well, you only turn 6 once. I'd hate to have to explain why I didn't record her party movie. That would make me a mean shut-in. I prefer to remain the fun-loving variety shut-it. A fun-loving variety shut-in who happens to be so dang crafty! (Even without a Crop-a-Dile.)

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