Sunday, November 18

Sugar, Sugar!

Today I went to a cookie exchange. It was hosted by one of my dearest friends, Stacey. I met Stacey through my brother when I was about 18. We were fast friends and eventually became roommates in collage. She's what I call a "lifer". A "lifer" is a friend so great you'll be with them 'til you die.

Anyway, Stacey asked 12 of her friends to meet at her house. She asked us to each bring 2 dozen home baked cookies along with 12 recipe cards for our cookies. Then it got interesting. She and a fun neighbor pulled a bunch of craft supplies together and we made a recipe books for our new collections of cookie recipes. This is what mine looks like:

Even the recipe cards were ridiculously cute. Check it out:

Stacey is a teacher so she's on the super organized side. Today's production was no different. When I walked in, I set my platter of cookies and cards on the counter and walked straight to the crafting table. It's an illness I suppose. I see a folding table with glue, ribbon, beads and paper and I'm drawn to it. Today was no different. I was especially fond of this craft because I didn't have to be particularly creative. There was an example book already assembled so all I had to do was copy it. There's something very comforting and relaxing about making something so cute and easy.

While the Mod Podge was drying, we were invited to take a cute plate and fill it it with 2 of each type of cookie. There was coffee, tea, hot chocolate and hot apple cider to go along with our cookie plates. After about 4 cookies, most of us got sick. I chose to drink water and I think that may have helped. Aside from the inevitable sugar high it was a wonderful afternoon.

Thanks Stace! I hope we can do it again soon.

BTW, I'm currently watching Red Dust. If you haven't seen it you should. Clark Gable is absolutely scandalous!!!

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