Tuesday, November 27

Tip of the day

This morning, I was talking to Mom and The Today Show was on. Mom and I both really dislike Ann Curry. I can't stand the way she tries to make here interviewees cry and is so incredibly insincere. Mom hates the way Ms. Curry constantly interrupts her interviewees. I muscle through the Ann Curry segments because I refuse to watch Good Morning America. GMA is the more tabloid-y of the two. The last straw came when OJ Simpson was recently arrested (again). The Today show mentioned it then went on to the presidential candidates and some International news. GMA, on the other hand, spent 20 breathless minutes on it in fond remembrance of ratings form the OJ trial. It made me sick.

So, this morning The Today Show announced this weeks theme"Today Gets Extreme". Meredith Viera's stab at extreme was to take a roll in one of those terrible Zorbs. They look like the worst idea in the world and I wouldn't be caught dead in one. Drop me in a Tower of Terror? No problem. Throw me in a Zorb? I'll hurt you. When the "Today Gets Extreme" idea was mentioned, Mom mumbled "What's Ann gonna do? Be quiet for five minutes?"

Ya just gotta love that kind of sarcasm that early in the morning. I recommend laughing that hard before work each day.

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