Saturday, November 17

Beat it!

I've long been annoyed with those soliciting signatures and/or money. I choose to give to a different charity once a month. I therefore do not give money to those who ask for money during my day. I don't give my signature because I don't think I can truly learn the ins and outs of an issue in 3 minutes in front of a Target store. I prefer to do a little homework and act accordingly. When a stranger asks something of me, I brightly reply "No, but good luck!" It disarms them. The solicitor can't really grumble or curse me out because I've been genuinely kind. It sort of drives them crazy and naturally cracks me up.

Solicitors have grown more and more aggressive with their tactics so my reply has been forced up a notch lately. The other day Tony and I were shopping when a cashier asked something like "Would you like to add a dollar to your purchase to help..." some poor kid. I said "No, tell that kid to suck it!" Tony burst out laughing after which the cashier slowly smiled then began giggling. I said "Well, when you phrase it like that, what am I supposed to say? If I don't give you a dollar it's like telling a kid to suck it, so I may as well just say it." He continued to laugh while nodding in agreement. I hate the way the questions are phrased these days. It's hard to say "No I don't want to save the forests." or "No, I'd rather not help a dying child." I don't think I should have to explain my charitable philosophy to every person asking something of me. I probably give more than the jackass asking but I'm not about to explain myself to them.

Today, another cashier asked "Would you like to blah, blah, blah... for kids with cancer?" I smiled and firmly said "No." Again, I was treated to a rather shocked expression followed by a smirk. The kid seemed a little freaked out by my response. I loved it!

I think I've found a new hobby.

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shandon said...

Yeah, it does feel weird to say, "No, thanks!" when someone asks me if I want to help cure breast cancer.

We have a "NO SALESPEOPLE" sign hanging by our front door. It's amazing the number of people -- kids soliciting magazine sales for a contest, people handing out religious tracts -- who ring the bell anyway because they don't realize that yes, they ARE selling something and I don't want it.