Wednesday, November 7

Another Day

Today was the opposite of yesterday. It was sort of hectic but there was no crying, not even when I was supposed to cry.

Allow me to explain. I'm lucky enough to have a job that allows me to see very cool movies years in advance of their release dates. Today I saw a movie, in storyboard form, that won't be released for a long time. After screening the movie we got to sit with the artists, designers and writers. Let's just say SO much more goes into those movies than you could ever imagine. It's also very cool to be able to ask a writer about character motivation and other details that I' d never otherwise notice. It was impressive.

As for the crying, well right before the movie started I saw a friend look over her shoulder and ask "Do you have tissue?". Panicked, I said "Wait, what? We need tissue?!" About 6 people nodded in unison. *sigh* Sheesh! As if I hadn't cried enough lately. Well, for what ever reason, I managed to hold it together and didn't cry. (I'd tell you more about the film but then I'd have to kill you and I'd really rather not. I know, I know. "Mustard for you!". But really, I can't!)

OH! But the one thing I finally noticed about the place is that their guest badges say "A stranger from the outside!" right under your name. Sorry, but that's just plain funny. I mean think about it, that's what visitor badges are really saying anyway. I love that someone is having fun with the stranger danger concept in a grown up environment. It's just funny to me.

If you read my last post about visiting this studio then you may recall that I thought it resembled heaven and smelled of cinnamon rolls. This time, when we stepped of the shuttle, someone took a deep breath and said "Apples!! It's hot apple cobbler. Ohhhhhh." He was right. On the way out I took a whiff and said "Oh no! Now it's hot buttered bread." Another said "For God's sake! We have GOT to remember to carve out time to visit that damn bakery. It's killing me!" She's right. "Visit Bakery" is definitely going on the To Do list.

SO that was my day. I'm tired and going to bed early and keeping in mind that, after all, tomorrow is another day.

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