Monday, November 26


Ok, this is not becoming a vintage television blog, but I have a couple of updates.

I did a little research for our girls craft day. Kb, I totally remember that tv movie about the poor bedwetter but I learned it was not an After School Special. They must have aired it as a Saturday night special or something. It was called The Loneliest Runner. It was an autobiographical account written by Michael Landon. (Who knew?!) I remember really liking that movie but it was so sad. I tried to Netflix it but it's not available on DVD. Bummer!! I also, tried to Netflix Like Normal People (you know, "Rah-jaw, I want a baby Rah-jaw!"). Sadly, it too is not available on DVD. Curses!

I've officially Netflixed 2 After School Special discs instead. I can't wait! We'll be dining on Campbell's Tomato Soup and Grilled cheese sandwiches.

And here's a hint to what else I've got on tap for our screening. I'm a little freaked out that somebody took the time to make that little montage... Of course, I'm one to talk, I'm hosting a Cheesy 70's Made for Television/ Craft Day. *shrug* Next up: Ice Castles!

***Downer Alert***
In case you're wonder what ever happened to Lance Kerwin, star of The Loneliest Runner and so many other shows from the 70's, check this out. Poor Lance!

This account is more upbeat.

And speaking of "Where Are They Now", who's up for seeing this?


shandon said...

OMG -- I am SO tempted to get this for you for Xmas:

kb said...

Love it!! Can't wait!

Chris Hyde said...

I LOVED "Like Normal People". "Raw-jaw" classic. I had forgotten all about that movie. Thanks for the memory!