Thursday, November 1

World Peace

(For the record, I've decided to officially join the NaBloPoMo nation. I tried last year but was on vacation during part of November and one tragic night could not get wireless access so I was out of the running. This year my November is travel free (so far) so I should be able to swing it.)

Today was our annual bowling party at work. Each year we get more and more competitive which is ridiculous because our abilities are so varied. I, for instance, got the "Lowest Score" award last year. I'm sure my team was thrilled. Actually, I believe others had lower scores but I was the only one fool enough to admit it.

I have to say that I work with a wonderful group of people. Sure, we drive each other crazy some times but mostly we play nicely together. We had a great time today. I think the funniest quality of my little corner of our huge company is that we can really party. Last year, at the company Christmas party, the dance floor was at least half filled with folks from my division. Here they are cheering someone into the center of the groove circle:

Today we bowled at a fun place at Universal City Walk. They served decent burgers and played a fun mix of music videos to keep the energy level up. After lunch, and bowling our hearts out, the place went nuts when Getting Jiggy Wit It came on. We filled the dance floor and indeed got jiggy. One designer was even break dancing. Now there's a flash back. When Edie Brikell's What I Am came on, the floor cleared. Afterwards, we were back at it for Bust a Move (a tune so old I can't even find the video on Youtube). Who do we think we are? All I know is that mixing a little alcohol, retro dance music and some co-workers together can be a blast when shaken, not stirred. My boss went crazy with a couple of friends when a New Edition song came on. They danced the steps along with the video. Here's the video to give you a taste of what they were doing. I don't even remember this song but watching them dance along was hilarious. Oh, and a little Human League and Madonna can sure bring a crowd together. And remember when Michael Jackson was so good (I mean aside from those unfortunate moon boots)? And how 'bout a little Janet Jackson Escapade to take you back? Here's my question though, why were 80's videos so weird? I don't remember thinking they were strange at the time but man they are freaky! The most disturbing thing is it that I can still sing along to most of these songs. What the hell?! I mean it, I know every word. Apparently some things just can't be shaken from my memory. For some reason my brain has decided that the lyrics to Rock With You are more important than those numbers I really should have memorized for work by now.

I swear, the world's problems could be solved with a little bad throw back music. I think we should take it on the road.

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