Thursday, November 15

Personal Trivia

Shandon tagged me to describe 8 random things about myself. Anyone who's stopped by this blog knows that I love books, crafts, movies, tv, showtunes, road trips and other travel. I'm also prone to the occasional rant. Here are a few things you may not know about me:

  • Let's start with fantasy. I don't dream of romance, I dream of real estate. I've always been this way. My dad always thought I had something in common with Lucy, from the Peanuts gang, because in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, when asked what she wants for Christmas, Lucy firmly states "Real Estate!" I understand her completely. I don't dream of big houses or plots of land, I dream of cozy cottages, secret gardens and log cabins. I know I'll find one for myself eventually. Last night, while at a financial seminar about investing, the speaker mentioned the tremendous rise in foreclosures. He said it was announced that California foreclosures are up about 120%. I leaned over to my friend and whispered "Sweet!" I'm not heartless, honestly, I've just been biding my time. Two years ago, when everyone was telling me to run out and get a shiny new 0interest loan I resisted. I kept saying "I'm waiting for the inevitable foreclosures. That's when I swoop in." Hey, when I'm right, I'm right.
  • I hate to shop. I simply do not understand the impulse to go to a mall and throw money around. It's ironic that only a few years ago, I was in pretty big debt. Part of it was a car but the rest was probably books and entertainment (dinners with friends, movies, shows etc). I can spend hours in books stores or perusing books online but most other spending is a complete mystery to me. (Oh, and for the record, I'm now debt free. Yea!)
  • Richard Simmons once licked me. You heard me. It all started when a friend talked me into going to Richard Simmons' studio for an exercise class. At one point he wandered over, looked me in the eye, then inexplicably licked my neck from collarbone to cheekbone. What the hell?! People, I'd been working out. I was sweaty. *shudder* I'm still traumatized.
  • My first concert was Van Halen. I was about 15 years old. My Dad promised to take me and three friends to a concert. Since he was going to have to attend the concert with us he said I could choose between Van Halen and Styx. I guess those were two bands he thought he could stomach. I think I made a good choice.
  • I don't drink. Well, I drink, but VERY occasionally. I'll have maybe one cocktail while on business in New York because a) I don't have to pay for it and b) I won't have to drive home. I simply hate the taste of alcohol. When I order drinks I have to tell the bartender to "make it wimpy or I won't drink it". They love me.
  • I have a ridiculous memory for 70's music. Very rarely do I hear something from that era for the first time. I don't know what others were doing during the 70's but I, apparently, had a top 40 radio station on during all waking hours. Most of my friends love the 80's but I still heart the tunes from the 70's.
  • I majored in Magazine Journalism partly because I figured it was a major that might come in handy no matter where my career took me. Mostly, it had the easiest math requirement available.
  • I still have a portable 8-track player with a few choice 8-track tapes because it they make me laugh.

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shandon said...

Richard Simmons -- ewwww! I think my sister Susan has some equally nasty story about him, but I can't remember the details.

In the meantime, watch this: