Sunday, November 25

My Mount Everest

I was just reading Shandon's blog. She was kind enough to invite me see Lawrence of Arabia with her and Norman but I passed. I admit, it was tempting though. I've never seen LOA on the big screen and I'm sure it makes for a much better experience. Still, I find the film to be a bit of a snoozefest. It's pretty, as is Peter O'Toole, and I'm almost always in favor of seeing Omar Sharif, but even good looking men and sweeping cinematography couldn't lure me away from my crafting this weekend.

Shandon went on the mention trying to tackle AFI's Top 100 Films of all time list. I too have considered this. I was curious to learn how many of those films I'd seen. I dutifully downloded the list and learned that I too need to see exactly 27 films to complete the list. Amazing! I bet we have a lot of overlapping "To See" films. I've placed some on that list deliberately. For instance, I have no desire to see Spartacus. I've seen most of North by Northwest but I can't confidently say I've seen the whole thing so it remains on the "To See" list. One I've never heard of, what the hell is The General? (I just looked it up. At least it's got Buster Keaton going for it.) Most of the films on my "To See" list are what I consider to be "Boy Films". I've never seen The Unforgiven and always meant to, so I look forward to that one. The Deer Hunter and Ben Hur are not so intriguing to me. Except the part about a rival playing mega-gay to a clueless Chuck Heston. The Director, William Wyler, apparenlty informed the actor of the gay undertones but warned "Don't tell Chuck." (Here is part of the back story that I couldn't love more if it were about my own lame grandfather.) I love that kind of behind the scenes drama! It could make viewing Ben Hur so much more palatable.

I just might join Shandon in her resolution. Who knows, I might enjoy The Wild Bunch.

Shandon, let's compare lists. Maybe we could knock a few off our lists over some crafts and tea. Maybe chicking the movies up a bit could help.

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shandon said...

You are so ON! For the record, Unforgiven is excellent and I'd see it again. I love North by Northwest so much that I own it and will watch it any time you like. And though I've never seen The General, Sean owns it so that is also at our disposal.

Yay to arbitrary New Year's resolutions!