Wednesday, November 21

Daddy is a punk rocker

Although I'm sad about the paltry Twilight Zone marathon the SciFi Channel is doling out today, I decided to let my nephew know that there would be a Ghost Hunters marathon in it's place. J (my nephew) LOVES Ghost Hunters so I was glad at least one person in America would be happy to hear about the programming change.

I caught my brother in the car:

Bro: Hey!
Lucy: Hey, are the kids in school today?
Bro: No, they're in the car with me.
Lucy: What are you doing?
Bro: Oh, we went to breakfast, then we went to Barbecues Galore then...
Lucy: Let me guess... Hooters for lunch? You're having a dream dude day! Let me talk to J.
Bro: It's for you... (handing the phone to J)
J: Hello?
Lucy: SO! Did you hear about the marathon all day tomorrow on tv?
J: No.
Lucy: They're showing Ghost Hunters from 8:00 am- 5:00 am tomorrow!
J: ...
Lucy: No Twilight Zone this year, it's Ghost Hunters instead. My loss is your gain.
J: ...
Lucy: ...
J: ...
Lucy: Dude, did you hear me?
J: Cool! I bet the scariest ones are in the middle of the night! A (my niece) wants to talk now.
A: I've got 6 pennies!
Lucy: Cool! I'll see you tomorrow.
A: Why?
Lucy: It's Thanksgiving! You know, Daddy makes a big turkey. It's a party at your house.
A: Oh yeah!!!
Lucy: I'll see you tomorrow. Can you hand the phone back to Daddy?
Lucy: ...
Bro: Hey guys, what band are we listening to?!
Kids in perfect unison in background: BLACK FLAG!!!
Lucy: *sigh* & laughing

My brother is a fantastic dad but is a definitely unconventional. His kids know more about music then I do. He'll swing from Johnny Cash, to the Sex Pistols to Miles Davis in 5 minutes. J's favorite song is Layla. When I asked what A's favorite song is, bro said "Anything loud". The kids love my bros music. So much so that J was Elvis for Halloween this year. I didn't see any other Elvi and was proud that he was WAY into it. I'm guessing he got a great reaction from the grown ups and that helped encourage him to ham it up. I was so happy about it. I don't think I ever showed him on the blog so here he is in all his glory. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... The King:

His wig looks funny here. He's got it on crooked but it's a Danny Zucko wig from Grease. Turns out the Danny wig is WAY better than the Elvis wig. Trust me. When J walked out on the front porch to show us his costume, my brother blasted the famous Elvis entrance music and the neighborhood applauded for him. It was great!

Here's to being thankful for those fun little moments in life.

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