Friday, July 7

Another from the wannabe critic

Tonight I FINALLY saw a show I've been singing along to for the past a couple of years. It's called The Last Five Years and is written by Jason Robert Brown. It's currently playing at The Pasadena Playhouse and I recommend it. If you can't see it on stage then give the cast recording a listen.

Let's see if I can explain this (if not then click here): It's a semi-autobiographical musical featuring two players, Jamie and Kathy, that tells the story of their doomed relationship. The show opens with Kathy lamenting the end of the relationship and moves backwards to the beginning of the story. Meanwhile, Jamie sings from the beginning of the relationship and proceeds chronologically to the end. The storylines intersect once in the middle of the show and end with Kathy singing excitedly about the beginning of her new love while Jamie is closing the door on their love story. It's very well written and one of the most brutally honest shows I've seen. In fact, I believe most adults will recognize at least some aspect of their love life in these songs. It's not all doom and gloom though, "The Last Five Years" also happens to showcase some very clever and funny tunes.

It's not terribly well known on the West Coast but definitely it's worth a listen if you happen to like musical theater.

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