Thursday, July 20

Better days

I had a blazingly good day yesterday. I've known for some time that I work best under pressure but yesterday was confirmation of this theory.

I have several meetings/trips coming up in the next 6 weeks. Let's just say there is a lot to get done. I generally like travel, in that it gets me out of my routine. I also like that every penny spent is charged back to the company. I get to eat well and socialize on the road and that's good too. On the other hand it's a tremendous hassle. Because I have so many out of office meetings coming up, and the fact that I'm off tomorrow, and my boss is off next week, I need to get lots of stuff done by end of day today. As a result, I got tons of stuff done yesterday and sorta looked like I knew what I'm doing. Mostly, I want to assure the boss that things will be rolling along while she's out next week.

As for today, everyone just marched off to a 10:00 offsite meeting that I didn't need to attend (for a change of pace). I'm pretty much here alone and it's great! And even better is that I booked a 2:30 doctor appointment this afternoon so it helps extend my long weekend even more. Have I mentioned my love of my dermatologist? He reminds me of Piglet and I quite enjoy that about him. I'm serious! He's small and speaks very quietly and always says "Sooooo, how's your skin?" He kills me with his sweetness. I don't have any major skin issues, just a touch of rosacea and dry skin so I like to see him from time to time. I recommend everyone find a nice dermatologist and visit him/her a couple of times a year. No matter who you are, you can benefit from a good dermatologist. Best of all, they seem to be free wheelin' with the samples and who doesn't like free samples?

Oh, and I also love the nice people at our home alarm company. I accidentally tripped the alarm last night while checking to see if a door was locked. It was. Who knew those sensors were so sensitive? Well, the alarm scared the bejesus outta me. I rushed to the phone to call off the cops and the alarm people were so calm and kind. I guess I don't talk to them very often. I was genuinely touched at their concern. We don't normally trip our alarm so we must fall into their "hey these guys really might have a problem" category. They asked who the hell I was and why I was in my parents house. I guess I'm on a "she's cool" list somewhere (thank God!) then they said "...but you're ok, right?" I said yes but sheesh that alarm is loud!! I'm here to tell you that even if you trip the alarm yourself it still scares the hell outta you. This is especially so when you're home alone in a house made mostly of glass that overlooks a canyon filled with God knows what kind of beasts and demons. I'm almost 40 years old and I still need a babysitter. What a spaz.

So, today's blog is dedicated to all the nice people hired to look out after my lame ass. Thanks!!!

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Norman said...

Good post, great photo.

But where have you gone, Superbitch? We need your special powers/charms now more than ever!