Wednesday, July 26

Work work, work...

I've been workin' my butt off around here and it's actually been great. As mentioned before, I work so much better under pressure. I tend to get more organized and focused. I'm just no good left to my own devises with few deadlines. I get bored and it's just not good.

I had three trips planned in the next three weeks but two got cancelled. Yea! Now I'm just going to New York in August. I don't really like going anywhere in August (my least favorite!!!) but, if I must, it's always good to visit New York. I even booked my first power breakfast. I always see a bizarre mix of "celebrities" in my hotel so it's fun to eat in the restaurant. It's just plain funny to be enjoying your eggs and realize Al Sharpton, some media mogul and Kathie Lee Gifford are sitting next to you. Also, I figured, why bust my ass to get across town when I can sleep in and have one of my favorite clients come to me. How exciting!!! Why didn't I think of this before?

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