Monday, July 31

Can't stop laughing

The Players:
My Mom (aka "Grandma" to the kids)
Little Miss (My niece)

Just overheard:
MM: Look, the new American Girl catalog came.

They slowly start going through the catalog picking out items for Little Miss' doll.

LM: I want that one. (Pointing to the page) What's her name?
MM: She doesn't have a name.
LM: (Pointing to the text) What does it say?
MM: Dark skin, black textured hair, light brown eyes.
LM: What do they call her?
MM: They call her...Mr. Tibbs.

That woman kills me.

1 comment:

shandon said...

I love your mom.

I wonder how many people -- not just your niece, but ANYBODY -- will get that!