Saturday, July 29

Backyard dogfight

So, here are a few shots of the crazy-ass hummingbirds that LOVE our feeders. I hope you can see them.

I know hummingbirds are small but they are remarkably aggressive. It's like a WWII dogfight out there most of the day.

We currently have about 7 feeders and have to fill them at least twice a day to keep the birds happy. They are really my dad's buddies, but when he's traveling, and I'm late filing them up, they hover next to the chair I'm sitting in and give me very dirty looks. They literally hover at eye level and throw me stink eyes. It's a lot of pressure! They urinate a lot and make a lot of noise but somehow they're pretty cool to have around. Oh, and check out the clouds. Finally! It's after 11:00 am and no need for air conditioning yet. Yea!!!

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