Monday, July 10

Descent into Grannyville

So my downward spiral into Grannyville continues. I am now not only cross stitching for hours on end but I've turned off the tv and am now stitching while listening to the radio. Now that's grannyish!! Ok, so technically I'm listening to a bunch of podcasts and shows I've downloaded, which is pretty advanced for the average granny, but still.

I primarily listened to This American Life (the greatest show on radio) over the weekend. I've been listening to TAL for years now but I started a subscription a couple of years ago because I like to burn them to disc for the car. Of course, this habit started before I had an iPod so I don't burn too much anymore. I had fallen way behind in my TAL listening and got to catch up a bit. It's the most relaxed I've been in ages.

I also listened to NPR's book show. I'm sorry but listening the Beverly Cleary talk about Ramona is heaven. I know she's 90 years old but dammit she still rocks. Is that like spending time with a 90-year-old friend? I'm pretty sure it is. Oh no.

I'm trying to embrace the granny within but I'm also in denial about the granny-like behavior. I tell myself "Well, at least I'm an NPR listening , yogurt eating, Trader Joe's shoppin' granny-in- training. I'd hate to be a Fox News believing, Rush Limbaugh lovin' , head in the sand granny. That would suck."

Then again, I did pick up a Dean Martin Essentials CD at Target yesterday. Shit! What does it all mean?!

At least I don't have a rocking chair but that's probably not far off in my future. Now if I only had my own porch to go with it...


crazy Pastor Chris said...

You're cracking me up! Your midlife crisis is about getting old and doing "granny" things. My midlife crisis is the desire to be 15 years younger than I really am. How do I balance being 25 in my mind and 40 in the body? (sigh)

shandon said...

You're my kind o' granny - we're living practically the same life! (About that rocking chair: does my recliner count?)

Hey, could I borrow some of your TAL discs?