Thursday, July 13

Don't forget your rosary.

So, tonight I had a client dinner. My new boss (the one from Germany) hasn't purchased a second car, and his wife had the SUV, so he didn't have one handy. I offered to drive him to the dinner and drop him off afterward. He had been asking about things to do in So Cal. Here is an excerpt of the drive home conversation.

Lucy: So, you know you have to go to the Hollywood Bowl, right? It would be a nice date night with your wife.
Herr Boss: Yes, I'm going in September. Will it be nice then?
Lucy: Oh yeah, it's still toasty in September so it will be really nice. What are you seeing?
Herr Boss: Carmina Burana*.
Lucy: Holy crap! You know that stuff scares the hell out of us Americans right?
Herr Boss: (laugh...thank God!) Yeah, not very romantic either, huh?
Lucy: Um...yeah...good luck with that.

* You know it. Yes you do! You know, it's Damien's theme song...makes you want to rock in a corner and suck your thumb. Not ringing any bells? Well, put it this way, if my brother wasn't married, and I EVER had the opportunity, it's the music I would set his alarm clock to as a joke. (God, it's amazing how much that thought makes me laugh!)

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shandon said...

Ah, Carmina Burana. I usually wait until August to start thinking seriously about All Hallow's Eve, but I think I just shifted into Halloween mode. Gotta go dig out my Orff recording...