Tuesday, July 4

You've entered the Twilight Zone

We went to my brother's house this morning. He lives in a small town that might as well be Mayberry. They live a block from the big Fourth of July Parade route so they host a big annual open house breakfast for the big event. It gets bigger each year but I think that's mostly from all the new kids that are born every year. I've lost track of all of their names. Now I just know the ones that came first. Any kid under the age of four is just "buddy" or "sweetie" to me now. Unless of course they're brats, then I call them "sunshine" because I believe kids should be subjected to sarcasm early in life.

The Parade is hilarious because it's mostly the retirement community in shuttles driving by and people pushing their small business and church Vacation Bible Camps. After several "floats" had come by tossing candy to the kids I had a big laugh when the Presbyterian church drove by tossing what appeared to be candy to the crowds. What made it funny was that it took the kids abut 2 seconds to realize they weren't scrambling for candy but in fact little scrolls of Vacation Bible Camp brochures. Boy did that piss them off! I think a heathen may have been born after that dirty trick. The same pushers were dressed in robes and trotting behind the arc of the covenant (who knew it was in So Cal?!) resting atop their "float". I especially loved the dry ice effect because it looked like the arc was gonna blow. It got even better when my Mom leaned over and inquired "The arc is one thing but why is the Presbyterian Church blasting Hava Nagila?". She went on to comment that this years parade was "longer than Jerusalem!" (Did I mention that My mom has a Texas accent? I'm here to tall ya that everything is funnier with a Texas accent.)

It's been a good weekend even if it was broken up by a brief stint at work. I spent about 3 hours yesterday making the cutest damn cupcake you've ever seen but forgot to take a picture to post. I told my sis-in-law that I'd bring cupcakes. She asked if I wouldn't mind making some that she had seen in a magazine. I said "No problem" and felt that way until about 2 hours into the project. They were your basic white in white cupcakes with sprinkles on the edges. On top sat a mini cupcake, edged with different sprinkles and with a "burst" of mini red licorice sprouting from the center. They were spectacular. Unfortunately, kids would be eating them so I couldn't stick a toothpick in the center to hold the things together. I learned the hard way that stacked cupcakes, no matter how adorable, do not travel well. The damn things slid all over each other the whole way to the house and there wasn't a damn thing I could do. I think I arrived sort of annoyed and I'm pretty sure eyes were rolled in my direction but... Whatever.

I'm now sitting in my favorite chair doing my civic duty...I'm enjoying the Twilight Zone marathon. It's cool and quiet and as God, I'm sure, intended. I know the founding father's couldn't foresee The Twilight Zone but I'm pretty sure they would approve of the tradition of sitting on ones ass watching this marathon for hours on end. God bless America!

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chris hyde said...

I'm assuming that this parade is in the little town near where we grew up. I used to go to that parade every year when I was a kid. I remember chasing after the candy being thrown. Now that's a memory!