Wednesday, July 12

Don't fear the reaper

So, today I received a threatening email chain letter. This one was particularly aggressive. It gave several example of poor souls who had ignored the "forward this or die" demand and , of course, perished within 48 hours. As always, I ignored the threats and the email. A few hours later I received the cursed email AGAIN from another "friend". Here is how I replied:

Lucy: I already got this and I ignored it. If I get run over by a truck tomorrow morning, TWICE, it's all your fault!

"Friend": Just know that you are my friend and that I will care if you get hit by a truck so suck it up and forward to 10 people you slacker!!

I then sent it back to her 10 times. HA!

1 comment:

Norman said...

You are playing with forces you cannot possibly comprehend, missy.