Friday, July 28

Covet thy what?

So, my brother and sis-in-law are building a new garage and office behind their home. From the beginning they decided they would do it all by the book to avoid headaches. Well, two days before the foundation was to be laid, the neighbor decides he wants my bro to move the structure 6 inches away from his property to give him the 3' clearance required on each side of his house. Problem is, the neighbor is basing his measurements on an illegal structure. What a dork! My bro called the city and asked about the structure and they had no record of it. Oops!!!The city told my bro to lay the foundation and that they would "handle" the neighbor. Did I mention that said neighbor is an abusive alcoholic with a suicidal wife and two autistic children? (I'm speaking literally here.) Why would somebody living with that set of circumstances pick a fight with a good neighbor who has never been anything but kind? I feel bad for the wife and kids but as far as that man is concerned... well, let's just say I love it when this karma thing works!

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