Saturday, July 15

One more to hate

11) The lady in the check out line at Trader Joe's this morning.

I walked up to a check out line and watched the woman in front of me run outside to grab one more plant. She already had a couple so I'm not sure why she suddenly needed another. I thought "oh well, I don't mind someone running back for one more item". But then she ran back and grabbed another....and another! Ok...whatever. But then she ran outside AGAIN and all the way out to her car to apparently retrieve her wallet. ASSHOLE! She came running in saying "excuse me". Excuse what, your fool mind? She then swiped her card and it wouldn't go through. Eventually it did but for God's sake woman GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!! I hope you spend your afterlife in a line behind jackasses like you!

Now, you may wonder why I stayed behind her. Well, part of me was too stunned to move but mostly I kept thinking "Surely, she won't delay this again. She can't possibly run away again." I was wrong.

Ugh! Thanks, I feel better now.

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shandon said...

"What is eternity? You're on the checkout line at a supermarket. There are seven people in front of you. They are all old. They all have two carts and coupons for every item. They are all paying by check. None of them have ID. It's the checkout girl's first day on the job. She doesn't speak any English. Take away fifteen minutes from that, and you begin to get an idea of what eternity is."
- Emo Phillips