Tuesday, July 11

The Family Spaz

I come from a long line of real spastics but, luckily, we're able to laugh at ourselves. My brother has always been able to make me laugh. I mean he can make me laugh really hard, so hard that I have to scratch the phone so he knows I'm still there because I'm unable to make any other audible sound kind of laugh.

Sometimes he doesn't even have to be around to make me laugh. In fact, it happened again today: My computer was demanding that I set a new password. Whenever I have to do this I think of my spaz brother. He told me that in the movie The Cable Guy, Jim Carrey at one point whispers in a slight lisp "The password is "Nipple". My genius brother decided that was one password he'd never forget so he started using it. Unfortunately, soon after implementing his flawless password plan his computer went on the fritz. He works out of his home so his IT department has to troubleshoot remotely and, of course, he was asked "What's your password?". He was mortified but couldn't resist the urge to imitate Jim Carrey and so replied, in whispered tone "The password is "Nipple". There was apparently an embarrassing pause from the IT guy so my brother felt compelled to explain. He failed miserably and from then on the IT guy thought he was a psycho.

And there you have a quick snapshot of my spaz brother and why he makes me laugh without even trying. Oh, in case you're wondering, that password has long since been retired but feel free to try it if you must.

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Chris Hyde said...

That cracks me up! You had me seriously lol!