Monday, July 17


I like my job but I'm really not in the mood today. I find that when I drift of to sleep fantasizing about winning the lottery every night that it's time for a break. I have vacation days coming to me but no opportunity to take them. Who books these meetings anyway? Such a drag!

Of course, it could just be PMS. Here's a little tip for the boys in terms of PMS: We know we're being bitchy, the difference with PMS is that we just don't care. I know my experience is that PMS can be sort of like a superpower. I'm much more able to be firm and no nonsense when I'm so easily annoyed. Just this morning I pushed back a deadline on a Project Manager known for her DMV-like personality. She fought and whined but ultimately couldn't argue when I coldly said "We're asking for one more day. One day." Earlier, a client was requesting more unnecessary materials for work when they already have more than a person could use in a lifetime. I asked what she has done the the lat enormous (and costly) mound of materials we gave them. I haven't heard back.

Um yeahhhh, I think it's officially PMS.

I'll try to use the power for good and not evil.

(Apologies to Norman. I know this sort of subject matter is disturbing to you but sometimes a girl just has to share.)

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Norman said...

I understand. You, like Eve, are weak. Say it!
First comes the blood, then come the boys.