Sunday, June 11

Beware the stink eye

I'm a letter-writer. That is, when I have a grievance I can compose a complaint letter/email in about 10 seconds flat. It's been a mostly profitable habit. I typically don't ask for anything but I get coupons and samples none the less. My crowning achievement was getting a $700 check from Honda when I wrote them about a well documented, persistent problem.

Today's recipient of my written wrath is the Democratic Party. Now, I am a pretty hard core liberal so why would I be picking on them you may ask? Well, they're officially stalking me. I hear from them daily by phone, mail and email. When I tried to unsubscribe from their annoying and frequent missives they wanted to know WHY I wanted to ditch them. I was then informed I'd need a soon-to-be-emailed code to unsubscribe. A CODE?! Are they kidding?! I've had an easier time of breaking up with boyfriends! Naturally, I wrote an email outlining my aggravation. I also told them they wouldn't get a hint of a contribution until they dropped me from all of their contact lists. "Believe it or not I've heard of you. I know who you are. I know how to reach you. I'll give a contribution when I'm good ready, until then back off!" I may have referred to the unsubscribe code as "your BULLSHIT code" but I'm not sure. I also told them if they were "this aggressive in getting folks into office we'd be much better off. Instead, you apparently choose to spend all of your time stalking me!"

Brace yourself for the scream heard 'round the world when I get my next email.


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crazy pastor chris said... and my wife would get along well!!!