Sunday, June 18

The City Mouse

So, I was doing laundry out in the garage yesterday and saw what I thought was a leaf. Upon closer inspection I discovered it was in fact a thoroughly squashed mouse. Gross!!! Dad must have mowed it over while backing in or out of the garage. The poor little guy was flattened just like I used to see in cartoons.

Later, I looked out over the pool and saw the remains of some sort of snail genocide. There were shells laying about and the remains of... well, I just don't know what. I asked Dad if he'd put poison out or something and he said "Nah, an opossum got hold of them last night".

This morning I woke up and noticed some tiny black balls laying under the roses I cut from the garden. They were hard to miss againt the white tile in the bathroom. Again, I asked Dad about them. I thought they might be insect eggs or something. Dad took one look and said "Nah, that's worm shit". Great. "There's something in there. I don't see it but it's there". (...Gross!)

It's nice to have someone to refer to when you just don't know what's going on in the natural world but sometimes I'm so grossed out by the explanation.

The yard smells nice from the flowers but God knows what else is lurking out there. I've had about enough of nature for one weekend.

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shandon said...

Yeah, after the rat at my birdfeeder and the pantry moth invasion, I feel like issuing a "Recall of the Wild."