Friday, June 16


I just watched KISS ME DEADLY and all I have to say is... "What the hell?". Granted, I wasn't paying close attention but still... Ummm... Maybe the moral of the story is if we don't stop this silly arms race we're all screwed? Good thing that's not a problem anymo... oooooohhhh...yeah. Well, umm, anyway, it was an intriguing film that I'll have to watch again some time.

Oh yeah, and Cloris Leachman looked nothing like herself but I'm happy to report I'd know that voice anywhere ("Oh, Rhoda!"). That's pretty much where the fun ended for me.

I'm now in serious need of some show tunes, STAT! Thank God (and Tivo) I recorded KISMET. I just love that strapping Robert Keel. He's just the ticket to help me forget all about the end of the days.

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shandon said...

My dad bought me the original cast album of KISMET for my birthday when I was in 3rd grade; I'll bet I was the only 9-year-old on the block with that record.