Sunday, June 4

A pretty good Sunday

Here is a pic of my second cross stitching project. I thought I started it 10 years ago but I've now figured that it's actually been closer to 15 years. I have no idea why I stopped. It's not such a bad effort, but the floor seems a bit crooked. I blame all that snow. Some jackass must have tracked snow in and warped the floors or something.

I finished it while the watching the kids swim all day. Err, well, I didn't exactly watch them, it's more like I listened to them splash around and shriek. At one point I was trying to get them to pipe down. They hate bugs and were freaking out over a dead bee in the pool. I told them bugs (especially bees) were attracted to loud noises. (Oh come on, you'd have done the same thing if you'd thought of it.) That kept them quiet for a few minutes. Then my niece suggested we play a game where I pretend I've lost my voice. Nice try kid.

This weekend, I've been reading "The Cross Stitcher's Bible" and discovered I've been doing everything wrong. Who knew there was so much technique involved? Ultimately, I decided the book should be titled "The Anal Retentive Cross Stitcher's Bible". I'll try to put some of their advice into practice but sheesh, I can't get too uptight right?

I enjoy it, that's supposed to be all that matters.

Here is a copy of what I'd like to do next. My sister-in-law really likes it so I'll be giving it to her. I think it will look good with an antique red thread on tea stained linen. (God, do I sound like a granny or what?)

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shandon said...

I LOVE the project you just finished! Thank you for sharing it.