Tuesday, June 27


Is it just me or are you sometimes startled to hear grown up words fly outta your mouth?

Somewhere along the line I grew up and with that came grown up conversations and even (*shudder*) grown up business conversations. Problem is, I'm a long-time-hard-core-sarcastic-goof- ball so it really throws people off when I sound like scary grown up lady.

Example, today I was annoyed with a vendor and actually said things like "...Because it's best for my business!", "I can't go to finance and tell them we're getting rid of the other guys because you don't like competition.", "I don't want to hear it!" and so on. Sheesh! Who is that freak?!
To make matters worse I actually get worked up over this dumb stuff. I did, however, have to smile when my boss, our Coordinator and a friend all walked by my office door, as I was pretending to be mean old grown up lady, and each of them covered their mouths, pointed and laughed at me. It's very challenging to have to keep up an angry conference call tirade when friends are laughing at you. Harrumph!

In other meetings, I knew I was getting out of hand when above mentioned Coordinator fell under the table laughing because of my Tourette's-like questioning. At one point I apparently said "So does this mean (fill in retailer name here) is dead to you or what?!" Where does this crap come from? I do recall stunned silence from the other end of the call. I got a lot of that today.

I often think about how hard my family and friends would laugh if they could see me at work. Then again, I'd probably laugh at them too.

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