Friday, June 9

What to do?

I went to the gas station after work. There was a ridiculous line but I waited behind a car and got to the pump in about 5 minutes. I saw a lady in a minivan drove around and appeared to be heading for the driveway to exit. Just then a motorcycle pulled into the one empty pump. Apparently, minivan lady wasn't exiting, she was actually backing up to the free pump. She said something about it to motorcycle guy and he completely flipped out! He started shouting "How was I supposed to know BITCH! I thought you were leaving BITCH! Stupid BITCH!! Like you've never taken someone else's spot before you stupid BITCH!!!" I just shook my head and noticed most others at the station doing the same thing.

I normally would have said something but the guy clearly had anger management issues and appeared to be unstable. He was short and thin and wearing a helmet and a leather biking ensemble. I guess it's easy to be a weasely tough guy when nobody can identify you. What an asshole. I hated that I didn't say anything but mostly I wished all of us shaking our heads had surrounded and intimidated him a bit. I believe in karma so I know he won't just get away with being an asshole forever but it would have been nice if we had taken the upper hand and scared the hell out of the guy.

This is also when I realize what jerks Southern Californians can be. This stuff just doesn't happen in other parts of the country. In fact, I normally avoid all human contact while near work or "over the hill". Even a 20 minute drive away from work, people become more civil. I'm not saying this wouldn't happen in my neighborhood but it's far less likely. Los Angeles and all of it's show off-y suburbs breed assholes. It's really a shame but there you have it.


Norman said...

Great post BITCH!

shandon said...

So... it's not ALL Southern Californians, right? It's the assholes who work in The Industry in Hollywood, West L.A., Burbank, etc., correct? The 'burbs ain't all bad, BITCH!