Tuesday, June 6

The trouble with Noir

I rarely just plop down and give a film my undivided attention unless I'm in a theater. I tend to flip through magazines, (now) cross stitch, pay bills and so on while "watching" a movie at home. The problem with Noir is that it must be truly watched to be properly enjoyed. Upon Norman's recommendation I watched T-Men. I was doing a combination of the above mentioned activities throughout and I missed some great stuff. I caught a great death-by-sauna scene and some cool camera angles but I missed more than I should have. I've decided Noir films should be viewed three times to be appreciated: once as you would normally watch it, once with just the video and once with just the audio. The scripts are deliciously over the top and visually, well there's nothing like them, the three viewing method seems the best way to really get it. The problem is who's got that kind of time? I guess, as always, there are just too many films and too little time.

Here is my favorite line from T-Men:

"Have you ever spent ten nights in a turkish bath waiting for a man?"

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