Tuesday, June 20


Before I go on I'd like to point out that I did in fact get "out and about" over my long weekend: I had a great time with a friend on Saturday. Had a wonderful Father's Day BBQ with family that included kicking my nephew's ass in Monopoly. (Is it inappropriate to shout "Take that!" to a seven year old? Despite the humiliating defeat, I'm told I'm still the best aunt in the world even though I'm certainly teaching him to be a terrible winner.) I had a nice lunch with Mom, SIL and niece and even did some shopping. I got some sunglasses for Little Miss because I always laugh when I see small children wearing them. I got little ambitious and wandered into the kitchen to try a couple of new recipes that turned out very well. Yum & yea me!

All in all it was a very nice weekend. That being said, (in other words, "I'm not REALLY a shut in) here are some lessons learned over my long weekend with TCM:

- Paul Newman in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF was the all time hottest man...ever! And don't even get me started on 'ol blue eyes in THE LONG HOT SUMMER ...rrrrrowww.

- It sucked to be Clara Bow.

- THE THIN MAN rocks my world. (Why didn't I know about this earlier?!)

- Marlene Dietrich was a true patriot to this country and we could really use a broad like her today.

- MRS. MINIVER makes me cry.

- Louise Brooks was a little loco but I enjoy that about her.

- THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T is also loco and I did not enjoy it so much.

- I was right, Damien from THE OMEN has got nothing on Veda from MILDRED PIERCE.

It's back to work tomorrow (bummer) but the time off was nice while it lasted.

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crazy pastor chris said...

I guess I've got some old movies that I need to watch!