Monday, June 12

My new boyfriend TCM

Tivo and TCM, a perfect match! I was out and about much of Saturday and even took the niece and nephew to see Cars (they gave it a thumbs up by the way). Over the weekend I watched a bunch of recorded movies and even caught the Mexico vs. Iran World Cup game. It's sorta fun when it's such a big deal. Well, err, not such a big deal around here but it's the biggest deal everywhere else.

Anyway, I watched Sunset Boulevard, Meet Me In St. Louis, Railroaded!, Random Harvest and Tension throughout the weekend. It was great! How did I fit so many movies in? Well, I didn't sleep much. Tivo and my cute new laptop are taking up a lot of my sleep time. It's been a problem ever since Mermorial Day weekend. I've been up 'til about 1:00 on week nights and 3:00 over the weekend. What's wrong with me?! It's not like I'm sleeping in much either. I'm still getting up around 7:00. Who do I think I am? Do you think this is a result of being almost 40? A younger friend of mine was teasing me and said "Old people don't sleep as much. My Mom is always up!" What a punk!

Between the cross stitch obsession and all the classic film viewing I'm turning into a real spinster. But get this, I'm a spinster with blood pressure of 110/70. Take that!! (I just learned this this morning.) Oh dear, that may have made it worse. Don't most old folks spend time talking about their health? Ok, I'll stop now.

Next up on the viewing schedule: The Maltese Falcon and The Night of the Iguana. I'll let you know how it goes.


Will said...

Hey, I'm dating TCM too! But I thought TCM was a she.

~ Lucy said...

Well at least we now know that he-she is a two-timing whore.

And for the record, I think of TCM as a "him" because I think of that guy in the hat graphic. He's quite dapper.