Thursday, June 1

Where was the OED when I needed it?

If you've never watched the Scripps National Spelling Bee you're really missing some oddly compelling television. It's not something I see coming each year, but once I've found it on ESPN (which I always seem to do) I'm hooked. I know the Spelling Bee has become more popular in recent years with movies, books and musicals popping up all around it but it's well deserved attention. Now, finally, it's made primetime, major network status! Tune in tonight and marvel at these kids in action.

Please be warned: you may end up feeling like an ignoramus, an acknowledgement I try hard to avoid. I comfort myself in knowing I could take on any of these runts in a bar fight. Yea me!

The following might have improved my status as a fool:

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shandon said...

Careful. This edition comes with a magnifying glass, but a microscope might be better: it reproduces NINE PAGES of the original on each of its pages!

On a less myopic note, may I suggest the new book AMERICAN BEE, which details the history of spelling bees in general and the Scripps competition in detail. It's not outstanding, but it's a fun, interesting read.