Wednesday, June 14

She's got Peter Lorre Eyes

So I watched The Maltese Falcon last night and really liked it. Shandon was right, it's very funny.

Unfortunately, I was distracted because I happen to know a little family anecdote: When I was born the first thing my Mom said was my name then, when the magic of the moment had faded, she commented that I looked an awful lot like Peter Lorre. The nurses didn't find it funny and threatened to take me away. Mom stopped commenting on it but never stopped giggling and thinking it. I never saw the resemblance until last night. I told Mom that she might have been right. She said "I know! It was all that black hair you had. You looked exactly like him." Well, I don't know if "exactly" is accurate but there are similarities. I like to think I at least looked like a young Peter Lorre not the older man. I also like to think I've outgrown this unfortunate phase.

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