Monday, June 26

Strange Days

It's overcast, muggy and oh so hot today. Strange day. One might call this "earthquake weather" but I don't happen to believe in that. Late last night while surfing around online and watching The Quiet Man (which I love but wish I had watched before my trip to Ireland) a bizarre wind storm blew through. I thought it was raining but it was just leaves swirling. I went to the back door to stick my head out to see/feel what was going on in the dark and almost lost my grip on the door because the wind was so strong. It was coincidentally just like that famous scene in The Quiet Man except I was standing in my pjs sans a strapping John Wayne type. *sigh*

Funny how the weather can flavor your day. Got in today and bizarro world continued. Several co-workers were out of town together last week on a business trip and drank too much together. Now that's not so strange but it's not ever a good idea. I've learned to cut out early on work related festivities. I get drunk on one cocktail these days so I have to be very careful. I guess I just never cease to be amazed at what happens between folks on biz trips.

In other news, I recently learned the quiet Assistant on our floor moonlights as a dominatrix. She has house boys who do her cooking and cleaning. Trust me when I say this is literally the last person on earth you would pick as the black latex type, but there she is up on MySpace, proud as can be wearing the God damnedest heels you've ever seen. (I'd include the link here but that's just mean.) And by the way this whole house boy thing sounds sort of appealing but would I have to knock them around? Not thrilled with that idea but I like the cooking and cleaning concept.

So there you have it. People are never who you think they are, we're overdue for an earthquake and John Wayne is still dead. How's your day going?

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