Saturday, June 3


I saw AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH last night and really liked it. After the screening I commented that it made me appreciate my dad more. He's been planting native trees, recycling, miserly with air conditioning and heating, car pooling and so on for as long as I can remember.

Following, is the conversation I repeated to my mom (who is still laughing) after the screening:

Lucy: My dad has been banging that (environmental) drum since I was a kid.
Shandon: What does he drive?
Lucy: Uhh, an SUV.
Norman: ...bang the drum softly.


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Natasha Moorfield said...

We can all point to the things we don't do anyway as a way of making ourselves look oh-so green. When it comes to actually making a sacrifice we ALL have an excuse why we can't possibly possibly change our ways. Your dad's no different from almost everyone else.