Tuesday, June 6

It's the little things

Our new VP has arrived from the German office. He's a very nice man but we've all had trouble reading him. I've finally decided he's breath of fresh air around here. He is impervious to all office drama and politics and is only interested in what's best for the business. Now, this may sound obvious but you'd be amazed at how often the drama clouds judgment around here. I really don't think I've worked with anyone quiet like him. I'm certain he thinks we're all crazy. I tend to agree.

Because of his impervious nature I've been trying to "crack" him for three weeks now. I finally succeeded today in a staff meeting. New VP asked nervous Director a question and nervous Director started rummaging through papers in search of the answer. Finally I said "Oh for God's sake just make something up." New VP took a sip of soda as I said this then promptly blew Diet Coke out of his nose.

I've never been more proud.

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