Saturday, August 5

Best kick off to a weekend ever

I've had an incredibly hectic week. I worked hard and all, but sheesh was this an annoying week. I was supposed to go to an after work party but I was just too beat. I decided to get a jump on traffic and just head on home.

When I eventually got home, I had a little dinner and sat down to watch (well, really listen) to some tv and work on my latest cross stitch project. I know, I know..."what up granny"? Hey, I am what I am.

I flipped through the shows/movies my Tivo had recorded and settled on To Kill a Mockingbird. I love this movie. It's one of those that I'll pretty much watch whenever it's on. I love it's gently profound story and pace. It always leaves me wanting to be a better person and, of course, hoping to settle down with Atticus Finch. It also has an incredibly calming effect on me. More specifically, I think Gregory Peck has a calming effect on me.

Next, I flipped to Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason. Have you seen it? It's a wonderfully thought provoking set of interviews. Tonight Mr. Moyers spoke with Pema Chodron. Wow! Now that's one cool buddhist nun. If you have a chance to catch this chat you really should. ( I also loved the talk with Margaret Atwood.) Again, I was left wanting to be a better person and maybe even a bit more patient and *gasp* even less annoyed all of the time. Granted, I'm a long way off but it's a nice thought.

Now I'm listening to Lyle Lovett on Austin City Limits and life is good.

I'm looking forward to a great weekend. Hope you have one too!

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shandon said...

The happiest news I've gotten this weekend is that Fresh will be back 9/5!!!