Tuesday, August 8

Lighten up, Francis

I work with a Project Manager who tends to get a little "sweaty" about everything she works on. In fact, she's pretty damn rude at every opportunity. Well, she is currently working on a big meeting that is apparently over booked. A recent email exchange went something like this:

Colleague: I need one more spot for the client.
Sweaty: Why do they need an additional spot? We're over booked as it is.
C: It's for an interpreter.
S: Why do they need an interpreter? They should have thought of this when they RSVP'd. They didn't need an interpreter last year.
C: It's for their deaf intern.
S: ...
C: ...
S: Ok, I'll make room.

I love it!!! This is a person who assumes every person who calls/approaches her is going to be a pain in the ass. Last week, I gave some samples to her entire group as a thank you. Everyone was very appreciative. When I got to her door I could see she was on the phone. She looked at me and said "What?!" I held up the gift and said "I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work." HA! Take that crabby pants!!!

And speaking of crabby, here's my new favorite crabby site.

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