Friday, August 18

Good to be home

I forgot my camera but I did take a couple of shots with my phone. One is flying out of New York and the other is from my seat at lunch yesterday. We went to a place called BLT that I plan to visit again. The silhouettes belong to my co-workers. That "wall" behind them was open to the street. Because we had such beautiful weather (mid 80's, no humidity) I loved the open air table we were seated at. I mostly like this shot because it shows the perpetual scaffolding that is everywhere in NYC.

Today's flight was MUCH better than my last. I requested a seat in the back. I know, shocking right? I'm not sure if there is some unfortunate Rosa Parks association but, for some reason, the seats in the back of the plane are the last to fill up. I don't happen to mind the back of the plane. My attitude was rewarded with an empty row of seats all to myself. Yea! The only hiccup came as we were landing. I looked out the window and noticed about a dozen fire engine's with red lights flashing lined up on the tarmac. I don't think I've ever had that kind of welcome before and frankly it alarmed me. I later found out some nitwits had smuggled beverages on an outgoing flight. Said nitwits were apparently discovered on the runway and the plane was promptly turned around for inspection. How mad would you be if your flight was delayed two hours because of some idiots caffeine addiction?!

So, now I'm home and completely exhausted. I'm trying to stay up until at least 9:30. Its gonna be tough!

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