Tuesday, August 15

Why, oh why, oh Wyatt?

I've met the devil and his name is Wyatt. He is two years old and he sat behind me from LA to New York.

I had high hopes of this elusive sleep thing, I hear can happen on planes, but Wyatt had other plans. He kicked my seat the entire flight except the 1 hour he slept. He was also fond of screaming and crying as though he were being stabbed. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect two-year-olds to be still and quiet for 5 hours, but when, after 45 minutes of the kicking, I turned to his parents and said "He's kicking my chair", I was surprised by their reaction. I hated to state the obvious but they seemed truly oblivious to their up and coming little kick boxer. I should also note that I said it as sympathetically as humanly possible. Dad responded with "There's nothing I can do." Mom nodded in agreement. I was stunned. I will never understand parents who don't even consider correcting their children. Actually, I don't blame Wyatt, how is he supposed to know kicking chairs for hours on end is annoying? His parents never corrected him, never uttered a "Shh" a "stop kicing" or a even a "quiet please"...nothing. It was unbelievable! All I ask parents is to at least try to explain how to be considerate when the frequent opportunites arise. I wish I could time travel/fast forward and watch them struggle with 17 year old, punk ass Wyatt. I'd like to take this time to thank those idiots for putting yet another inconsiderate human being into our world.

The good news is that I'm now in my hotel room and feeling much better. I didn't sleep much last night because I put off the packing process to make time to put fun new stuff on my iPod. I paid the price today. I am SO tired. I'm now waiting for room service (Turkey Burger... yum!). I then plan to take a hot shower (this room is freezing) and sleep the sleep of angels.

Greetings from New York!


chris Hyde said...

I'm jealous you're in Nueva York. I want to go there so badly! Are you going to see a show while you're there?

As for Wyatt's parents...what's up with that??? There are so many idiot parents around nowadays!

~ Lucy said...

Yes! Im seeing Spamalot!! Can't wait.