Saturday, August 19

Holy shit!

The police department just called and said "We're calling to let you know there is a bear in your front yard. Thank you for staying indoors."

A minute later Dad then yelled "Holly shit he's in the pool!" He was apparently relaxing on the steps of the pool with his arms up on the pavement just leaning back. He might as well have a beer in his paw! He heard the yelling and ran...

He is RIGHT NOW on the side of the yard and I can now hear him rattling the gate.

*minutes later*

The cops have told us the bear's cub is up in our oak tree. He is most likely a she. I assume she will be hanging around as long as the cub sticks around.

We had a similar situation a couple of years ago. The neighbor ran over and said "There's a bear in your back yard!" My mother promptly ran out back.

I'm sad to report my dad had the same reaction. I had to yell at him to stay indoors.

How did I come from two obvious maniacs?!

*minutes later*

I just saw her. HOLY SHIT is right. She's HUGE!

I hear a fire engine. Why would they be sending fire engines with alarms?

Gotta run... Will update later. I can still hear her pacing around trying to figure out how to get back to her cub. God, it's just like Grizzly Man...


The cops pulled away from our house and appeared to be waiting for mama bear to reappear for her cub. There was then some commotion and we heard the cops call out "Is she still in the pool?" We invited them in the house and told them that she seemed to be out back trying to get back to the cub. Dad then suggested they just leave the bears alone. They're up here all the time and leave as soon as people show up. Dad was right. Then the cops went out back, Dad turned the lights on for them. They took one look at the yard and commented "Hey, I think I've been here before looking for bears." Hmm, that's comforting, especially since nobody has ever mentioned this to us. Whatever. They told us they had watched the bear hop our neighbor's gate then jump into our back yard. Guess, she decided to take a quick dip before going back for her cub. They apparently leave cubs up trees to protect them. Still, not much of a mom if you ask me. They then told us they saw one run away. They weren't sure if it was the cub or mama bear. Either way, I hope the late night walkers are ok out there.

The cops left with their tranq guns and I don't hear the bear anymore. Never did see the fire engines so I'm not sure what that was all about.

Lessons learned:
  • Having a bear look right at you through plate glass is unnerving.
  • Hearing a bear outside your window while you're blogging is just as bad.
  • Bears are beautiful but BIG and not an animal I care to get to know much better.
I won't be playing these tonight but perhaps you'd like to take a listen.


Chris Hyde said...

Wow...that sounds like an Oregon/Washington type of story! Scary, but cool at the same time.

area51 said...

That is an exciting story. WOW!

Also, next time I want to go for a swim I'm leaving my son in a nearby tree.

lizze said...