Sunday, August 13

Sunday: Goofing around online

Most people who know me, know me as proud a wing-nut liberal. God knows these past 6 years have been rough on those like me. Today, I rediscovered a site that, on one hand, angered me but also helped me laugh at some of what's been going on. Laughing has become quite an effective defense mechanism since Dubya and team took office. Here are a few moments I told people about but some of you may have missed:

Mr. Cheney
(I saw this live and wish I could thank this guy personally. Wherever you are Mr. Man, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saying what I had been shouting at the television during those terrible days.)
Why can't journalists behave like this more often?

And here is one I heard of, but never saw until today:
Take that! So great..

And, of course, here are a few of the recent moments that have made us all so damn proud:
Frat Boy

Here are some of the remarkable videos being uploaded from soldiers. They include touching tributes to friends lost as well as some pieces that offer a soldiers POV. I can't help but think what past wars would look like now had those soldiers had digital video cameras.

And on a lighter note:

Take a look at this one-take wonder from an Iraqi war zone. I guess this could be considered evidence of what they say about war; that it's 95% wait-and-see-time and 5% crap-your-pants time. I can't even begin to imagine the planning and rehearsing that went into this. But hey, if it makes you happy and helps pass the time, more power to ya boys!!! Unfortunately, I fear this is the only "war" footage our buddies in the White House have shown Dubya...which, of course, might explain his optimism about how things are going in Iraq. (This is what it is, apparently, goofing on.)

God bless America and the internet.

*stepping off soap box now.*

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