Saturday, August 26

Where the Wild Things Are

Last night I was at a friends house when I got a call from mom. She was calling to say, as if the bear incident last weekend wasn't enough, my dad had noticed movement out on the back patio. The same patio I had been standing grilling chicken on 45 minutes earlier. Dad went out to investigate what was making the plants move and discovered a 4 foot long rattle snake. Being the nature lover that he is, dad chose to not harm the snake and just move him. He did so by taking the hose and washing him into the lower yard.

About 30 minutes later mom and dad were still talking about the snake when a fox casually trotted by to take a sip of water we have out for the birds.

What is going on?! I've seen all of these critters in and around the yard before. I've seen rabid coyotes, dying buck, deer dining on our acorns as well as extremely healthy mountain lions, raccoons, opossum and skunks. I've seen 'em all, but never so much action in one week.

As promised, here are pix of the bear prints left on our wall. If I have a chance, I'll take a picture of the dinosaur that is bound to show up this afternoon.

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