Thursday, August 17

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam Spaaaaaaaam!

I just saw Spamalot and holy crap is that one funny show! Trooper and Shandon, you MUST see it when it flies into town. It is, naturally, completely absurd and silly so you can't help but laugh your butt off. It's pretty much everyone's favorite scenes and songs from Monty Python's The Holy Grail and Life of Brian all strung together. It's sort of like a musical "Monty Python's Greatest Hits" with lots of fun new songs. I loved it!

Had a great day otherwise as well. Had a fun breakfast (egg white/vegetable frittata...amazing) with a client then got back to my room long enough to check emails and get a call from a co-worker telling me to meet everyone down the street for lunch. Ok! No problem here! I then had a fantastic lunch (Lobster salad). (What is it with these New Yorkers? They really know how to eat. I've yet to taste one bad bite here. Amazing!) We then rushed over a few blocks to set up for a big fat meeting that has plagued us for the past two weeks. It went very well and seems to have been worth the effort. We packed up all of our stuff and slapped Fed Ex slips on everything with 10 minutes to spare to change clothes and brush teeth for dinner and the show. Phew! It's been a busy day but one I'd relive any time. Great time.

I still love NY but it's time to come home. Wish me luck at the airport security lines!

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Chris Hyde said...

Yes, I want to see it BADLY! I have the soundtrack and crack up whenever I listen to it. I'm jealous that you saw it!